Aaron Berger was born in Cincinnati 1989, but grew up in northern Kentucky. Eventually became an alumni of Montserrat College of Art located in Beverly, Massachusetts. Aaron's work investigates the distance between his childhood home and his current residency. Touching on topics like the transformation of growing up, and the fleeting quality of memories. Aaron frequently donates to auctions such as "Artrageous 21!" at Montserrat College of Art Beverly MA, "Japan Relief Fund" at 17 Cox Beverly MA, and "ARTCetera" Boston MA.

He Likes to talk about the ideas that seem to collect in his head on his blog. (here) Ideas hover on whatever he's painting at the time, grand sweeping theories about art, philosophy, and life, raising other artists' confidence, and attempts to grow and foster a sense of community

an optimistic devil's advocate

a sentimental surrealist

an installation artist struggling to fit paintings within a constructed space

What is bioleera?

Bioleera, or Bio Leera, is the name of a super hero I made up at around the age of 10. When I got around to getting online and was asked to create a screenname I used bioleera. I was pleased to find that no one else had the name so I didn't have to add any numbers to specify. Bioleera continues to be my handle in whatever online community I join. When it came to buying a domain name and I found out how many other Aaron Bergers there are in the world, I decided to stick with the tried and true.